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19301 Landora Bridge Road, Ruther Glen, Virginia 22546, United States

(804) 362-5590

Welcome to B2Bhomestead!

Welcome to B2Bhomestead!Welcome to B2Bhomestead!

Show Birds

Silkies ~ Bantam Cochin ~ Game Birds ~ Serama

We specialize in blue, black, grey, and white Showgirl for show. 

Our project pen is full of grey showgirls.

We even have a fun pen with some cool color patterns and frizzles!

Our Cochin selection includes mottled and calico!

Our Old English Game Bird selection includes Brown Red, and Creole. 

Our Modern Game Bird selection includes Black.

We have a variety of different Seramas!

Call Ducks ~ Pekin

We just got back into breeding and showing call ducks. So far we just have pastel, but looking into expanding with some snowing calls soon!

We have standard and created pekin ducks. Our big boy Charlie just won Reserved Heavy Weight Champion at the Cape Fear show!

We are affiliated with APA, APBA, and ODPA. Soon to be members of the Cochins International, Serama club, old English game, and modern he clubs!