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Welcome to B2Bhomestead!

Welcome to B2Bhomestead!Welcome to B2Bhomestead!

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Clun Forest Sheep

Clun Forest sheep are an endangered breed, with around 600 existing in the world. We chose to adopt this breed and help bring it off the endangered species list. It is an amazing dual purpose sheep. Great for meat, great for dairy, and also have amazing pelts! 

Cluns are alert and active, responsive to their surroundings and shepherd–which helps to make them a manageable breed. Their size–ewes tend to run about 130-150 pounds—also makes them easier to handle than some of the more common meat breeds in the U.S. and Canada. Clun carcasses are meaty, lean, and consistent. Many breeders find those carcasses an excellent fit for their direct lamb trade.

The Clun has one of the highest butterfats, if not the highest, of any sheep. Butterfat carries depth of flavor and sweetness, the qualities that make sheep milk unique. And the Clun does this on grass. She is basically the Jersey cow of the dairy sheep industry. Our sheep are not heavy milkers: they average about 11/2 – 2 pounds per ewe per day. But it’s on grass only and they lactate around 135-150-day lactations. 

Welcome to the farm: Nova, Starlight, and Gamora! 

We wi be breeding in the fall!